5 Reasons to Outsource Dental Associates Recruiting

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5 Reasons to Outsource Dental Associates Recruiting

 When you have your own dental practice or are helping to run the practice, as your business grows you may find you need more staff on hand to work as general dentists or dental specialists to keep your business growing. The last thing you want is to get bogged down with too many potential patients and not enough dental professionals to care of everyone. This will only lead to you losing patients because the quality of care may suffer. You need to be able to bring on experienced, professional staff without any trouble. Making use of Locum Tenens Dentist recruiting can make your life a lot easier. Here are 5 reasons to outsource dental associates recruiting so you can be sure to get the best staff possible.

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1. Find Quality Personnel QuicklyOne of the biggest complaints you hear from many dental practices is that they cannot find quality and experienced associate dentists to fill positions quickly. Whether it’s because the practice is growing or there has been a turnover in your practice, when you find yourself in need of more staff, you want to be able to get someone in as fast as possible. Posting a job on the Internet or in the local newspaper can get you applicants, but this can take weeks or months before you find a dental professional who is actually a great fit with your office. A dental temp agency or full services dental recruiting firm, who has access to the best and the brightest talent will be ready to go. They’ll help you find just the right dentist to fill your position promptly, so you can continue to thrive forward.


2. Get Experienced Workers A dental associates recruiting firm is going to have a large database of experienced and qualified dentists and dental specialists, so that they can help you locate just the person with the experience you require. They’ll only send you professionals who fit your criteria so you do not have to waste time interviewing candidates or looking through resumes of dentists who may not fit your particular wants or needs. With the use of a recruiting firm, you can save a great deal of time in your search and only interview people that are a good fit for your needs so you can find an experienced worker right away.

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3. Save TimeIf you are running your own practice, your time is invaluable. Every minute not spent working on the practice means potential income lost for you. You may not have the time that is needed to put into placing advertisements, reading hundreds of resumes or conducting countless interviews before you find a dental specialist or a general dentist who can fill the position you have open. When you make use of a dental recruiter, they can take the burden off of you and take care of the entire process. They will find the ideal candidate for you so can focus on running your practice, simply interviewing candidates that they send to you that are suitable.

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4. Find Temporary Dentists When You Need Them A number of smaller practices run into the problem of one of their few employees needing to go away for an extended period of time. It could be a maternity leave, an illness or vacation or some other reason, but it can leave you short-staffed for a few weeks or more, affecting your practice. Finding a temporary dentist to fill in for this timeframe can be difficult for you, but a dental recruiter can help you by quickly placing interim dental specialists with your practice. The temp dentists will have the professional experience you need and only work for the time period requested. Again, you will not have to panic and stress about finding the right talent when the recruiter can easily fill the position for you and have the right person there quickly.


5. Keep Your Practice Running When You are Away Even when you run your own practice, there are going to be times where you may need to be away and you do not want the practice to come to a grinding halt. Perhaps you have a family emergency, commitment or maybe you just want a vacation after working nonstop for a long time. Instead of having to shut your practice down for that timeframe, a dental recruiter can help you by bringing in a temporary dentist to fill in for you while you are gone. This can keep your practice running and profitable and leave you to take care of your other commitments without worry.

Finding just the right dental associates recruiting team is the key to making this all work for you. Hired Gums can help you by finding just the right fit for your business so you never have to worry about having enough staff or the right staff, regardless of what the situation may be.

Whether you need permanent associate dental or locum tenens dentist help, Hired Gums will be able to provide the qualified professionals, to your practice door, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You will never be left without a successful placement.  Check with Hired Gums when you need to outsource dental associates recruiting to help you when you need it most.

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