Seven Advantages of Using Hired Gums Dental Recruiting Agency

Hiring a new temporary or permanent dentist is an integral aspect of an on-going successful dental practice. It is also vastly time consuming. When you have a busy practice and an open position within it, the task of searching out and onboarding the right dentist for your office and clientele may bring about feelings of dread. You imagine the endless hours spent examining resume after resume and interviewing candidates. This means precious time taken away from the most important matters of your business functioning. If you cannot afford to lose the time that you will need to put into the hiring process, then it is time to consider using a dental recruitment agency to help you with your hiring needs.


Benefit #1: TIME SAVED

In business, as in life, time is precious. A recruiting agency is a time saver.  An agency saves you time because they are responsible for the foundational steps of the hiring process. In today’s competitive job market finding the right fit for your business can be extremely challenging, and with large amounts of dentists searching for jobs, finding the right dentist is a “needle in a haystack”. This also means that if you were to post a job opening on the traditional job boards, chances are you will receive hundreds of resumes and applications for a single position. Of those applicants, a significant amount will not be qualified or if they are, you will need to go through a laborious process of figuring out how they fit in with you and your practice. This process take endless hours. Outsourcing this responsibility to a recruiting agency with a reliable record of successful placements will save you undue stress and your precious time.



In addition to offering a full review of submitted applications, an excellent recruiting agency will also have access to the best talent available, both locally and nationally. This includes access to talent that may be employed somewhere else that very moment. These qualified individuals will be able to engage discreetly with a recruiting agency to explore new opportunities. Recruiting agencies spend years developing their indexes of talent and it is their particular expertise to find you the best talent in the market. This being the case, when you discuss the talents needed by your practice, they may have candidates for you to review and even interview within 24-48 hours.


Benefit #3: SCREENING

The screening process for pinpointing the perfect talent for your practice is dynamic and multi-layered. At your request, any potential new employee goes through a background check, their references reviewed and preliminary interviews take place to ensure the talent actually matches their outlined abilities from their resume. Again, it comes back to precious time and not needing to take time away from you treating your clients. A top tier dental recruiting agency will see to it that this level of service is offered. You will know that any temporary or associate dentist sitting down with you from Hired Gums will have been properly assessed to optimize your hiring process.


Benefit #4: PEACE OF MIND

The best dental recruiting agencies will have time tested track records of finding the best dentists for the right jobs. When you sit down with their carefully selected choices, you can rest assured in your final hiring decision that you were able to choose from the best of the best. Selecting the wrong employee can cost you even more money and time later on. Working with a recruiting agency will help make your decision feel assured.


Benefit #5: CONNECTION

Once you have developed a relationship with a dental recruiting agency that you trust, your future hirings will go even more smoothly. The agency will be aware of the qualities that it takes to make the right fit within your company and what you expect from them. The next time you have an available position, you can fill it quickly and satisfactorily. It is Hired Gums pleasure to offer all of the above benefits to our trusted clients, in addition to our world class Matching Process and Overhead Protection capabilities.



Hired Gum’s matching process is customized to the client’s precise specifications. The clinical needs of the practice are addressed first and foremost. We assess personality, clinical philosophy, career goals and geography demographics for each search to ensure the most successful placement. We succeed in finding the perfect doctor for those unique hard to find candidates and challenging locations.



How much time off do you take annually? Each day of lost overhead decreases net income potential. Are you giving away $50,000 every year? If you recoup all lost overhead costs each year with virtually no risk from taking off, what would be your gain in profit? Hired Gums saves it’s clients $2,500 per day in overhead when they utilize the firms experienced temporary dentists for vacations, CE courses, maternity leave, illness, injury or temporary to permanent associate hiring solutions.

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